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Dragon City Hack - Get Unlimited Gems and Gold

Many people are involved in gaming activities regularly. They are a way to focus your imagination and creativity while developing a powerful source of entertainment.

Dragon City is a very interesting and popular game. Gamers can create different types of dragon fighters, which are later used to win various battles.

Of course, the game is full of imaginations which you can never do in real life. You can, for example, develop an individual virtual universe thanks to the advanced 3D graphic technology.

Why Use Dragon City Hack?

These hacks are important when it comes to the creation of an eco-system within the game. You might be forced to make a large number of new dragon species which means there are going to be a lot of dragon babies.

Still, they need appropriate food and care in order to grow normally. And you have to provide a suitable environment for development. To enable these features, you will typically need gems and gold coins, and that’s the moment when the hacks come in.

Some Tips to Get Free Gems and Gold without Dragon City Gems Hack

dragon city gem fairy

There are many free gem and gold, dragon city generators on the Internet, and they have been built with an intention to provide these resources to Dragon City’s players. Unfortunately, many of these generators do not actually work. It means the players are usually forced to find out another solution.

The genuine way to get gold and gems is through hard work, and that’s just like in the real world. You have to provide a maximal effort, and you get a reward in return.

Also, you have to pay attention when it comes to spending. Do not use gems for unnecessary things and try to save them for more important things. That’s how you can avoid any potential problems in the later stage of the game. Get gems from a dragon city generator is quick, but it’s more fun to obtain them organically.

Log-in Daily

There is an opportunity to get free gems if you log in every day, and you should not miss it definitely. It is even better to log a few times every day because you can even increase your chances in that way. If you can afford to play daily, it’s better than any dragon city gems hack there is.

Follow the game on Social Media

If you just simply follow Dragon City’s accounts on social media, you would earn additional gems. That’s definitely a useful trick. People today have profiles on different websites, so you can use them for this purpose too. And you can easily become a member of any of these social media websites if you are not already.

Daily Calendar on Facebook

Interesting rewards are provided by Dragon City to players with the Daily Calendar. It includes gold, gems, and food, so you should not miss that opportunity.

However, you have to check it on a daily basis and take all the rewards provided for that day.

There is also the Dragon City Facebook Roulette, and you should try it too. The roulette is, of course, a type of gambling, so you cannot be sure what you can get while playing. However, the feature is a very interesting one. That’s for sure. And you can occasionally win nice rewards too. What could be better than that?

Monday Reward Bonus

Furthermore, you can also check for the Monday Reward Bonus every week if you are using a desktop computer. It is provided for gamers with PC only. There are three different buttons, and you can click one of these three. Each of these buttons hides a special reward.

First Reward:

The first reward provides elementary dragons. There are different species of these, so you have a chance to get the best ones from this category of dragons.

Second Reward:

The second reward contains 5,000 gold coins, and you can find it in any of these three buttons. That’s a really serious amount of coins.

Third Reward:

The third reward hides a total of 5 gems, and you might be lucky enough to find them in one of these three buttons.

Deus Daily Bonus

This is, in fact, a small game within Dragon City, and you have an opportunity to play it for rewards. It is mainly like a gamble, and you can choose one of the cards that reveal an image that shows your reward.

To open this type of bonus, you will have to be logged in for over 24-hour in the same row. The game casually provides different cards on a board, and you have to choose one among them. You can win up to 50 gems if you are lucky enough, but there is no guarantee that you will always succeed to do that. And the game is also available to PC users only. If you play with your smartphone, for example, you are out of luck.

Freebie Island

If you are a smartphone or tablet user, there is an interesting opportunity called Freebie Island. It is a platform where you have a task to complete simple surveys, watch different videos, and check various applications. As a reward, you get gold coins and gems for each successful task.

It is, however, important to follow the instructions carefully. That’s the best way to complete tasks without any problems. Otherwise, you might stay with no rewards, and you have to avoid such an outcome.

Keep in mind the Freebie Island feature is operated by third-party software, so you have read and understood privacy policy before utilizing the feature.

Invite Your Friends to Play the Game

This is one of the cool and simple tricks you can do if you want to earn some additional gems. You just have to invite friends via the Dragon City’s application, and the gems will be awarded to your account when they accept the invitation and perform other necessary actions. It means the gems are not given automatically, and your friends have to show the real interest for the game. They, for example, have to play Level 15 before you get the gems.

Complete Game's Quests

Dragon City’s quests can help you to earn gems, so you should complete some of those. If you finish them successfully, you will get the reward in return. And the earning is quite good because you get gems for each correct answer. For instance, the first quest will generate you two gems, while some later quests can even bring you many more gems. The figure can go up to 12 gems per quest.

So that’s definitely not going to be wasted time, and you can also learn a lot while completing these quests. It is certainly a great motivation to start with them as soon as possible. However, a lot of players don’t have time to complete these quests for gems. In these cases, we recommend finding a dragon city hack that works.

Play Dragon City

This is a very interesting and exciting game with various twists and turns. It is full of action and includes different challenges. Many of these can generate gold coins and gems, but you have to play the game actively. You cannot expect anything if you are not involved in the actions.

You do not need to perform any special activities outside the main platform. It is only necessary to spend some time playing. If you finish some actions successfully, you can expect gems and gold. Using dragon city generator isn’t the only way to get sufficient resources.

Take a Part in Combat and PVP

Fighting and winning are great ways to earn everything you need when it comes to financial resources. PVP, for example, is a place where you have a task to oppose and combat other dragons.

If you get 8 wins in PVP, you can expect from 3 to 6 gems as a reward for the success. However, this applies only to mobile users.

Desktop players can get up to 2 gems if they win against 7 rivals in this game.

At first, you might think these rewards could be higher, however, you can have up to 3 fights every 6 hours. And if you succeed to win all of these, you would be able to earn up to 8 gems on a daily basis. That’s a total of 56 gems per week. Without a working dragon city gems hack, this amount of gems is actually decent.

And you can find exactly 400 fights in a league

Experience Points

These type of points can also help you to earn some gems. When you make some improvements in the game, your experience points will grow, and you will be rewarded with some gems.

To gain these experience points, you have to advance while leveling up in the game. Dragons typically require an appropriate level to achieve their full potential.

It is important to mention that the reward is not a big one. You can, in fact, earn only one game at a time.

One of the tricks you can use to move faster through the game is to build localities and farms. These can be sold for nice amounts, and you can produce food there as well. It will help you to develop your dragons faster. So you will have a chance to make better and quicker achievements in this game.

Up until now, there is no dragon city hack for experience point yet so you will have to level up manually.

Touch Jewelem's Tower

Jewelem’s Tower has the power to unlock Level 12, and you will certainly notice this object because it is built of jewels. The only thing you have to do it to touch it once every day, and you will get one gem as a reward.

Participate in Tournaments

Two gems are rewarded for every tournament you win, so you should not miss that exciting opportunity. You can participate in two different tournaments daily. It means you have a chance to earn up to 4 gems every day.

Get Gems as Gifts

It is possible to give gems as gifts to your friends, and they can return the favor to you too. So you can use that possibility if you need this type of resources. They can also give you food and gold, but you have to ask them first.

Finishing the Dragon Book Anthology

If you succeed to finish the entire collection of the Dragon Book, you can expect some nice rewards. Gems are typically provided to those successful readers, so you should definitely consider that opportunity.

Use Our Dragon City Genenator

All you need to do is enter your username and desired resources, verify yourself and boom, you’re ready to use the generator.

dragon city generator

Avoid Online Dragon City Generator

Many Dragon City generators are available on the Internet, however, they are mostly, unfortunately, SCAM, according to our analysis.

You should be aware of this issue, and some of these generators are potentially harmful. They might steal your personal data, and you can even end up banned from the game.

A Few Dragon City Hacks to Win the Game

To increase the size of your dragons while advancing through the game, you will need food at first. It becomes stronger if it grows well, so that’s an important factor for a dragon to advance within the platform. You will need many resources to achieve your goals, and that’s the moment when the tricks and hacks come in. Collecting resources is not an easy task without these tips, however, you will also need some time until you learn all of these tricks. In the text below, you will find out important points through which you have to go if you want to gain a piece of true knowledge on that matter. These are independent of any dragon city hack you can find online so you should definitely continue reading the article.

Primary Dragons

It is important to know the name of each dragon before starting the game. You will find quite a lot of them, so you have to be ready and familiar with these dragons. The names of elemental dragons are listed below.













Different Dragon Types

There are also other types of dragons excluding these primary ones. However, you should always start with the names of elemental dragons when it comes to learning. That’s how you can advance further through the subject. Other dragons you can find in the game are as follows:

Legend Dragons

Hybrid Dragons

Exclusive Dragons

Rare Hybrid Dragons

Choose proper food considering the money you have – When you stay with almost no gold, you can take some types of food which do not require too much gold. Some of these types enable your dragon to grow faster, which is a truly beneficial thing. While making progress through the game, your dragon will require more food at later stages. You can feed it with chilies and dragon balls when you reach these levels. Such food is highly appropriate for older dragons. If you have more money, for example, then you can also take spike balls and star shines. Dragon city hacks will always be handy if you can’t afford these.

Take New Territories

It is possible and even necessary to acquire more lands while playing this game. Of course, you have to clear the area first. The land costs money, however, it is often a good investment. To clear the land, you have to click on any tree, bush or rock, and you can later use that land to build objects. Dragon city hacks are very useful here because you can take the land and do everything else without paying a single cent.


These are an important thing for your dragon, so you have to pay attention to this matter. Localities are typically unique but not all are suitable for every dragon out there. You have to select an appropriate habitat for your dragon type if you want to avoid any potential problems. There you can typically create the flame, sea, and natural habitats. You can also develop Terra habitat, however, it is only possible in the later stages, so you have to advance first in order to reach that level. It is also important to mention that these localities can earn you gold if used in an appropriate manner. For example, an elemental dragon with crystals can get up to 20% of extra gold per minute. If you want to maximize the results, you should mix your dragons with their elements.

Hybrid development

This is definitely one of the exciting features in this interesting game. It serves for the creation and development of new dragon types, so you have a possibility to combine different species, thanks to this option. That’s how you can get new ones, however, results can vary as well. And you can mix them as many times as you find necessary. This action will always produce completely new dragon types, and that’s why it is an exciting and interesting feature. The combination is always a mix of functions and capabilities of both dragon types, so you can mainly know what to expect before mixing. If you, for example, combine two powerful dragons, you would develop a strong dragon species with a lot of features. It would be very useful in a battle, though. It is even possible to earn money with these newly created dragons, so you have to make as many as possible. You can later sell them for gold and resources, so you should not miss that opportunity.

Ultra Breeding Tree

This tree is a nice solution when you want to spend your gems. If you have earned a large number of these, then you should come to the tree. You can, for example, update hatchery, so that you can take two eggs instead of one at the same time. However, it is necessary to finish a series of dragons within the book in order to earn these gems. So you have to pay attention to that matter.

Get More Gold

Of course, gold enables you to purchase different things while making the game easier for you. That’s why it is an important aspect, and you cannot finish the game without gold. We provide a dragon city hack that works. But if hacks and cheats isn’t your thing, there are fortunately different tricks you can use to get more gold, and some of these are listed in the text below.

1. You get a reward when you succeed to log into the game for 5 days in a row. The total amount is going up to 1500 gold in three days. So it is important to log as many times as you can, and you should do that every day because some great rewards are waiting for you.

2. Upgrading localities can generate your gold, so you should consider that option as well. You will have to invest more money in the update, but you can get more benefits at the same time. You can place a higher number of dragons in that case, and you can earn more in return.

3. You have to focus on expansion. That’s an investment, but you can also use those expansions and objects you have previously built.

No amount of gems you get from dragon city generator can replace these vital knowledge if you want to be good at the game. Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes when it comes to this game. You now know how to hack dragon city and some tricks which simplify the gaming, so you can definitely use them for a more interesting experience.

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