Dragon City Breeding Guide

If you are keen on playing games on social media websites, then here is one game that you can try playing. Dragon City is the game that I’m talking about here. The particular game is available on Facebook since 2012. It allows you to build your dragon city on the islands by adding various pieces of stuff to the town such as farms, buildings, habitat, and much more.

Here you will have to feed them; thereby, they can evolve into strong beasts and make you win all the glories in the battles. You can also join alliances in the game. Today we are here to discuss the breeding of the dragons in the dragon city. So, without delaying the things further, I shall move to the breeding guide.


Firstly, let me tell the beginners that the game will itself teach you a tutorial of how you can breed the dragons in the dragon city. However, if you want a straight and easy answer, then let me you how you can do that.

Breeding the dragons

breeding chart

You will require starting with the first generation and then breeding them to the higher ones. For the breeding process, you will need dragon genes which can be purchased using spending the gold on them.

Exclusive breeding

If you want the level elite breeds, then the parents of the dragon should be at a specific level to continue the breeding. On the other hand, if we consider the non-level exclusive breeds of the dragons, then I’ll recommend you to put the dragons of the lower level into use. If you are wondering that why I’m saying this then let me add to your knowledge that the dragon parents having higher level can affect the rate of breeding inversely.

Basic Breeding dragons

In dragon city, every player wants to breed the dragons. Though to breed them, you must need some of the fundamental units to carry out the whole process. What happens with the basic dragon breeds is that you don’t have dragon parents for generating and mating, so the only thing you can do is purchasing the eggs.

Some of the basic breeding dragons are Nature dragon, Terra dragon, sea Dragon, Ice Dragon, War Dragon, Archangel Dragon or the Light Dragon, Electric Dragon and many more.

Breeding Sanctuary

It is the latest features introduced in the Dragon City that helps you unlock several dragons that can breed. For this, you will require leveling up the sanctuary. The best way to unlock the temple is to breed via all the stages step by step only. It is because when you are getting the breeds automatically then what the point of spending gold is and gems on the unlocking process.

Let me tell you some of the levels that breed the dragons:

Sanctuary Above level 3: level one dragon breeding

Sanctuary Above level 4: Level2 Dragon Breeding

Sanctuary Above level 5: Level 3 and above dragon breeding

That’s all for the essential information about the breeding of dragons in Dragon City.

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