Dragon City – All You Need To Know About The Essentials

Dragon City is getting popularity among social network based game lovers. It is providing lots of entertainment to the individuals. In the game, the players need to make sure that they are preparing a perfect strategy. In the strategy, you need to focus on the dragons and their growth. Paying attention to such factors can help you in working on lots of things.

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Food

These are three essentials in the game. Everyone needs to be focused on these three elements and maintain a good amount in the account. Upcoming details can help you in getting more information with ease.

What about Gems?

Premium currency of the game is gems. By spending gems, the players are able to perform different types of activities. If we talk about the collection of gems then you are required to put lots of efforts. For performing some activities, the players need to spend time. With the use of gems you are able to boost such process and save time.

Role of Gold

Gold is the main currency. There are numerous tasks and activities are based on the usage of gold. Everyone needs to invest gold in the perfect manner. You are able to spend gold on unlocking new buildings, farms, habitats, island expansion and growing crops. You should try to save the gold as much you can.

Know about food

Food is not a currency. If we talk about its importance then it does not less than currencies. With the help of farms and harvesting crops, you are able to gather food. Food collection is based on the type of crop which is harvested by the player. The interested ones can use food for the growth dragons. By feeding them you are able to upgrade and transform them.

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